Living Despacho 

In contrast to a Despacho, a Living Despacho is a floral arrangement. 

A Living Despacho is created and gifted to you, from spirit, through me.  

 A Living  Despacho can be created for numerous events and celebrations:  

birth, relationships, clearing or buying a new home or for the  transition of a loved one. 

Like a Despacho the possibilities are endless.

A Living Despacho can also assist you on your life path or be given as a gift to someone else.

The Living Despacho holds prayers  that can assist you in creating a balanced and fulfilled state.

It is for you to enjoy. 

Meditate, pray and blow into the flowers for whatever
intention comes up, with ease and grace.

Spirit works with you to assist you on your path by bringing

in the love and energy of the medicine into your home and dreams.


A traditional Peruvian despacho is a gift that is created in harmonious relationship with heaven and

earth bringing them together to hear our prayers.

We weave together the three worlds; Uhupacha, Kaypachsa, and Hanqpacha, which represent

the universe and all that lies within it. 

It is an act of love, giving back to the universe, and being in right​ ayni (relationship). 

A despacho can be created for many life transitions: celebrating a marriage, a birth, a new home, passing on a loved one or to assist in moving energies that limit our beliefs.

The possibilities are endless.

A despacho is done with intent and prayers that assist us on our journey.

It is done with the utmost respect, intention and love. It is created on paper with ingredients, flowers and many other items.

There could be up to 30 different items that represent the land, this world, and the universe. 

There are no religious dogmas placed into the despacho.

It holds the belief that we are a part of everything. 

A despacho is done in a sacred space with a ritual and then it is offered to the fire so the spirit hears our prayers. Here is an example of what a traditional despacho could look like.

 Laurie Temprile

Shamanic Spiritual Energy Medicine. 
I have been a student of Peruvian shamanism for 6 years and continue to study here in Calgary and during my travels to Peru. 

During a shamanic spiritual session I work with a client and spirit to assist in identifying what is creating disharmony in one’s body.
In the shamanic practice I am guided to use my mesa or medicine bundle and follow a ritual to assist in bringing a harmonious relationship and balance to the client. 
During my session the spirit will help guide me to know what is necessary for my client.  

  NADA Protocol

National Acupuncture Detoxification Association Protocol. After the Calgary floods of 2013, I trained in the NADA protocol. Nada is a protocol that was established to assist people in recovering from trauma, stress, addiction, and sleep disorder just to mention a few.

There are five points in your ear where seeds are placed.

These little black seeds come from the Vaccaria plant.

They are secured in the ear, with a piece of adhesive tape, over the 5 acupuncture points.

The seeds are stimulated by the patient rubbing these points.

They can remain there for up to one week.

The 5 points are:

Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system: this helps with stress and allows your internal organs in the body to rest so it can heal itself.

Shen men (spirit gate): This helps with anxiety and nervousness and enables your body to relax and remain calm.

Kidney: This helps with resolving any fear that is arising by restoring your life energy which allows one to gain the will power to move beyond the trauma.

Liver: This helps with anger and aggression. It assists with moving the Qi energy to come to terms with what needs to be resolved.

Lung: This helps with immunity, respiration and protecting the body. This will assist in the grief process and letting go.

Fire Ceremony

An old tradition done by many cultures, Fire Ceremonies are done to release old beliefs, clearing heavy energy and to return to a balanced and fullfilled state.​

A Fire Ceremony is created in oneness with the universe and all it holds for us.

They are sacred and performed with honour and intent.

A Fire Ceremony has some clear rituals that are followed.

One goes to fire knowing the fire will be our teacher and to assist us in moving out old energy that claims us.

Using the alchemy of fire, we symbolically release ourselves to the fire.

The fire is our teacher and will share the wisdom it holds.

When we go to fire we see the energy being transformed and bringing back wholeness to each of us. ​

A Fire Ceremony is a powerful tool to clear heavy energy also known as Hucha. 

The power of a Fire Ceremony cannot be underestimated.

The transformation can be immediate or days later.

We need to surrender and allow the fire to assist our transformations.